Lake Wylie Water Levels

Water Levels Surge to New Heights as Lake Wylie Overflows

In Lake Wylie on this past Tuesday, June 16th, lake levels rose to 663.22, which is 3.22 feet above the lake's "full pool" status. This comes as a result of torrential rainfall in the Eastern Appalachian Mountains and surrounding piedmont. With threat to the Duke Energy Nuclear Station on Lake Wylie, the power company released water at a rate of 1257 cubic feet per second. This volume of water releasal flooded low points all down the Catawba River basin. Many property owners living in York and Lancaster counties below the Wylie dam are in outrage of the situation and demand better alternatives in the future.

One woman said that her livestock, which include cows, goats, and horses were Frightened and confused due to the fact their field was flooded and they were forced into a small corner within the fencing. While Duke energy has not released a statement on this woman's claim, the CEO of the company has previously stated, "We can't control mother nature, and when mother nature makes a move, we have to follow."

While the whole community is hoping for the water's to subside soon, no one knows just how long it will take. With more rain in the forecast, the future of the river is unknown for the power company and property owners alike.

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